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Category: Home Whole Plant EquipmentsCorrugated Machine
Corrugated Machine
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Mill Roll Stand
Shaftless and double swing arm type.

Hydraulic control of arm raise and lower


Multi-pad brake for accurate paper tension control

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Single Facter
Heat treatment and precision ground corrugating rolls.

Hydraulic loading of upper corruagting and pressure roll.


 Independent glue roll idling drive.


Micro adjustment of glue roll mechanism.

5 Quick cassette change device, easy and save time.
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Overhead Bridge
1. Internal stress released heating drums.
2. Motorzied adjustable wrap roll for best wrap angle.
3  Independent driving motor for preheating drum.
4 Take-up conveyor.
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Triple Preheater
1. Motorized web guides.
2. Optional drum brake or suction brake for tension control unit.
3  Rigid construction with easy and safe access.
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Glue Machine
1. Glue and doctor rolls precision machined and chrome plated.
2.  Pneumatic control of rider rolls.

Optional contact bar for optimized quality.

4 Micro adjustment of glue application mechanism.
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Double Facer
1. Complete heating and cooling section.
2. Main motor driving.
3 Pneumatic adjustable canvas strectcher.

Adjustable weight roll.

5 Optional shoe press ensures excellent quality.. .
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NC Slitter Scorer
1. Razor type slitter device.
2. Motorized adjustable heads for quick order set.
3 Machine unit motorized lateral adjustable.
4 Optional quick order change for continuous production.
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NC Double Cut-Off
1. Preset digital control for cutting length and order size.
2. Accurate cutting ensures best performance.

 Auto order change device.

4 Dual-Helical rotary cutting type
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Auto Double Down Stacher
1 Smooth down for uniform stacks.
2. Preset stack height control.

Optional production control system.

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Auto Splicer
1 Auto paper tension control.
2. Ensures continuous operation and minimizes waste.

Effective on both narrow or full width roll.

Rotary Shear
1 Dual-helical rotary shear design.
2.  Accurate cutting with clutch-brake unit.

High speed cutting ensures order change reliable and production efficient..

Production Control System
1 Order schedule management system.
2. Wet end control system.
3 Dry end control system.

Mill roll stock management system.

Plywood Supply Equipment
1 Vacuum type, ensures reliable plywood transportaion.
Automatic feeding, save labor and time..
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