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Category: Home Whole Plant EquipmentsFlexo Printer
Flexo Printer
Computerized corrugated carton making equipment made by iPACK Provides order set-up by touch-screen performing the productivity with stability, accuracy and quality.
    Feeding Section
  • Double feed rolls, Dust brusher&collector assisting with vacuum provide clean and precise board feeding.
  • Individual driven left, right side guides and backstop.
  • Solid locking for machine open and closing.
    Printing Section
  • 1.Large motor-driven type printing cylinder and internal epicyclic circumrotatory gear to operate in coordination with vacuum conveying to overcome the problem with curved and bent paperboard printing and improve the printing precision.
  • Printing cylinder phase-speed adjustment to operate in coordination with digital display that can position automatically, and each color printing plate can display the number from its position of the left and right sides.
  • Forced water-spray system can speedy wash the ink and save the time of changing sheets.
  • Using of the Pattern Cylinder Sealed Type Blade to show the precise screen-printing.
    Slotting Section
  • Movable central knife allows two-piece join carton.
  • Dual lead screw driving provides stable and accuracy of slotting knife movement.
  • Steel space collar allows longer life of slotting knife;Dust-proof oil seal allows smooth and precise performance of slotting and scoring.
    Die Cutting Section
  • 100mm auto lateral oscillating of hydraulic anvil cylinder and grinding device allow long user of polyurethane anvil.
  • Speed compensation allows 1:1 ratio after polyurethane regrinding allows precise cutting performance.

Side Tracking Leading Edge Feeding Floding & Gluing

Feeding Printing Counting &Ejecting

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