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Combination Corrugating
Heat treatment and precision ground corrugating rolls. Hydraulic loading of upper corruagting and pressure roll. Independent glue roll idling drive. Micro adjustment of glue roll mechanism. and Quick cassette change device, easy and save time.
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International Packaging Industrial Cooperation, IPIC

Set up a workshop for machinery after-sales service and key components process working with Turkish partner.

Set up Taiwan Machinery Trade Centre with local Senegalese in Senegal.
International Marketing Trade Show
Promotion in East Central Europe – Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary
Promotion in Latin America – Mexico, Paraguay, Panama,
Promotion in Western Africa – Senegal, Gambia
Promotion in Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan
Promotional in Asia – Malaysia, Philippine
Promotional in Middle Asia – Turkey, Russian, Kazakhstan
Professional packaging exhibition
Czech – Exhibition of International Packaging & Printing
Poland – Exhibition of International Packaging in Poznan
France – Exhibition of International Packaging
Germany – Exhibition of International Printing
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