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  Operation Summary Report in 2009
19 August 8-28 2009

2009 CIECA mission for Chile, Colombia, Panama and Guatemal
We are glad to announce that iPACK Internatinal Co., Ltd. will be in attendance at 2009 CIECA mission for Chile, Colombia, Panama and Guatemala.
We are a consortium of Taiwanese companies that manufacture Corrugating, PET Bottling and Recycling machinery.
We will be holding a sales promotion in those mentioned countries this coming August 8-28 2009. iPACK's General Manager - Mrs. Katrina Chang will assist any need and work out any help for your business development.
We have several machines already in Latin America and have provided the full installation and service on these machines.
We look forward on meeting you and discussing any machinery needs that you might be considering.

  Operation Summary Report in 2008
August 23 - September 10 2008
  2008 Taiwan Trade and Investment Delegation to Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay
Katrina Chang, our General Manager, will attend 2008 Taiwan Trade and Investment Delegation to Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay to facilitate mutual understanding with foreign political and economic leaders on Taiwan packaging technologies. Because of oil price hike, recycling becomes the best alternative for the shortage of raw materials in worldwide markets. Manufacturers are looking for solutions to minimize or sourcing recycled raw materials in various plastic packaging like used PE bags, PP woven bags, PET bottles and etc. “To create energy from waste” is always our permanent concept.
July 2008
  Congratulation! Repeated Order from Saudi Arabia customer
Our customer from Saudi Arabia and iPACK have been doing business together since 1996 up to the present. Because of iPACK’s proven machine performance as well as strong after-service, our customer comes for another order of corrugated single face production machinery after recent shipment of paper slitter rewinder machine.
March, 18 2008
  Taiwan Packaging Solution Provider launches into Latin America
April – June 2008, General Manager of iPACK, Katrina Chang will launch her visit in Central and South American markets for promoting Taiwan packaging technologies and will have a contact office base in Lima, Peru.?
Latin American countries are known for its abundance in agricultural resources, which will fit Taiwan’s technologies for food processing and professional packing.? It will be of great help in local company to produce value-added products for exporting; moreover, Eco pulp mold packaging, has been applied for fruit and food industries, becomes popular in North America and Europe nowadays.? So, iPACK is looking for potential partner whoever has been involved in paper packing industry for any possible of business cooperation.
May 2008
  Seminar on May 14 2008
28 Jan-03 Feb 2008

Opportunity with Burkina Faso
28 Jan-03 Feb 2008 Burkina Faso exhibition in SIAO
Embassy of the Taiwan R.O.C. & chamber of commerce are well developing and making Burki agricultural and livestock sectors more competitive. Center for Innovation & Incubation of college, SME in Taiwan incl was invited. Benir,Guinea Bissau, Niger, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Ivoire neighbor countries paticipate.
iPACK playing a role who creates the opportunity for Taiwan packaging industry through the integration of mutual sales & marketing service platform on behalf of Taiwan SMEs. We are the Total packaging solution provider for both buyers and packaging business factory that really meet Burkina Faso requirements.

January 17-19 2008

Food Packing Technology Transfer
January 17-19 2008, our US partner visited iPACK for surveying liquid filling packing machine manufacturers in Taiwan and obtained a great progress in the trip. This worldwide leading company plays as an engineering service consultant which supports the entire system implementation in packaging industry. Their President recognized that Taiwan SME has great potential to be their OEM and/or ODM partner out of US after this visiting. And, they're planning to share their advanced electro-mechanical technology and to build strategy alliance partnership under the I.P.I.C. project of iPACK in Taiwan this season, 2008.

January 15, 2008

New Year Party
A party is given in honor of our partners (Staff,Accountant, machine supplier, banker)
who fully support iPACK in 2007 and will support us as always in 2008. A funny and warm spring dinner is in pear coffee restaurant on January 15th ,2008 (Tuesday)

  Operation Summary Report in 2007
19 September 2007

Environmental Friendly Packaging launched in Turkey
iPACK and REIS has launched with the introduction of Environmental friendly packaging for corrugated packaging industry.
Latest technologies of both Eco packaging of Pulp molding and Corrugated packaging with Turnkey machine equipment from Taiwan was brought in the technical seminar of Taiwan paper packaging machinery at MOVENPICK Hotel on September 19, 2007. Receiving great and kind support from OMUD association, over 40 distinguished guests from Turkish corrugated industry and special support from Taiwan EXIM Bank.

  Operation Summary Report in 2004
October 4th , 2004

iPACK General Manager, Katrina Chang was officially invited as a speaker by Chilean government for APEC “ Women entrepreneuring the future." on 4 th October, 2004 .

January 17, 2004
  iPACK promotes Management By Object(MBO) to establish an obligatory system
  Operation Summary Report in 2003
January 20, 2003
iPACK Inaugural Opening Ceremony and Seminar
Based on strategy alliance concept. iPACK is established for integration of Taiwan packaging industry as well as to share the Taiwan packaging experience with our friend countries.
April 04, 2003
The 6th Taiwan - Paraguay Economic Cooperation Conference in Taiwan. Mrs. Katrina Chang was invited to be the honored guest delivering a presentation of Taiwan packaging experience.
July 21, 2003
iPACK held the presentation of International Packaging Industrial Cooperation (IPIC) at Far East Plaza Hotel in Taipei, invited and presented guests from 26 friend countries’ representatives in Taiwan.
September 6 - 21, 2003
Visit central/East European countries i.e. Romania, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus for business promotion of Taiwan. Meanwhile, presence at The Seventh Polish-Chinese (Taipei) Economic Cooperation Conference.
October 3 - 4, 2003
Philippine Food Selling Mission visited iPACK for packaging factories visits as well as an introduction of food packaging materials and design.
October 15 – 18, 2003
Mr. Hon. Rodrigo Duterte, Major of Davao City, Mindanao Philippine leaded their Small and Medium Enterprises to visit iPACK for purchasing Taiwan packaging materials and packaging machine equipment.
October 16 - 20, 2003
iPACK held a presentation of International Packaging Industrial Cooperation, IPIC at Warsaw, Poland via the full support from Polish Packaging Chamber of Commerence (Krajowa Izba Opakown). Meanwhile, iPACK met with Polish Press for an announcement of iPACK partnership with Polish for sharing Taiwan packaging experience.
November 29 – December 3, 2003
iPACK, Taiwan packaging manufacturers and GMC Club members invited by the Major of Davao city, Mindanao for the Mindanao-Taiwan Technology Machinery Convention.
Combination Corrugating
Heat treatment and precision ground corrugating rolls. Hydraulic loading of upper corruagting and pressure roll. Independent glue roll idling drive. Micro adjustment of glue roll mechanism. and Quick cassette change device, easy and save time.
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