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  August 8-28 2009
2009 CIECA mission for Chile, Colombia, Panama and Guatemala

September 22-26 2008
Welcome to Join Us in SuperCorrExpo 2008
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia USA

August 23 - September 10 2008
2008 Taiwan Trade and Investment Delegation to Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay

July 2008
Congratulation! Repeated Order from Saudi Arabia customer

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18 March, 2008
Taiwan Packaging Solution Provider launches into Latin America

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Category: Home PET Equipments Crystalizing Machine
iPACK International Corp.     

Product Name:
EB Series-8000PPH/12000PPH/16000PPH- Crystallizing Machine


1. Use the patented Dual-Heating method: (Fig. 5)

- To increase the efficiency of heating rate.

- To minimize the deformation caused by the temperature gradient in the preform wall.

- To ensure a smooth inside of the neck.

2. Composed of twin lanes vertical circularly. (Fig. 1 & 2)

- Smaller space required.

- Lower running speed; Longer parts life.

- Easier to maintain at lower cost.

3.Reliable Process Technology.

- Proven by the experiences more than ten years in producing bottles of heat resistance.

4. Built in ejecting mechanism. (Fig. 3)

- Mechanical cam ejection prevents the performance from deformation, scratching and increases the reliability of TSS.

5. Adjustable ratio of heating to cooling sections in cycle.

- Optimizes the process.

- Compensates the different characteristics of PET material.

6. Unique venting technique.

- Insert designed without venting hole prevent inner surface of neck from being under cut.

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Download Catalog (PDF)

Model EB-8000 (8000PPH) EB-12000 (12000PPH) EB-16000 (16000PPH)
Dimensions & Capacity Machine 8.00x1.40x2.95 (m3) 7.38x1.40x3.50 (m3) 8.58x1.40x3.50 (m3)
Operation space 10.00x3.50x2.95 (m3) 14.00x5.40x3.75 (m3) 15.50x5.40x3.75 (m3)
Max. production capacity 8000 pcs/hr 12000 pcs/hr 16000 pcs/hr
Electrical Power Capacity 87 KVA 117 KVA 140 KVA
Motors 9 KVA 9 KVA 10 KVA
Heaters 78 KW 108 KW 130 KW
Voltage 3Ø 4W 380/220 V 3Ø 4W 380/220 V 3Ø 4W 380/220 V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz
Cooling Water Temperature 25 25 25
Pressure 2~3 bar 2~3 bar 2~3 bar
Flow rate 180 L/min 180 L/min 180 L/min
Water quality(*) 5 ppm 5 ppm 5 ppm
Control Air Pressure 6~8 bar 6~8 bar 6~8 bar
Flow rate 1 Nm3/hr 1 Nm3/hr 1 Nm3/hr
Weight Machine and unscrambler 8.9 t 10.0 t 10.5 t
(*The total Hardness of water must be   5ppm)
As part of our constant research for production enhancement, we reserve the right to modify our machines.

Business Contact Info:
Contact Person: Katrina Chang
Tel: +886-4-24615151
E-mail: katrina@ipack.com.tw

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