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  August 8-28 2009
2009 CIECA mission for Chile, Colombia, Panama and Guatemala

September 22-26 2008
Welcome to Join Us in SuperCorrExpo 2008
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia USA

August 23 - September 10 2008
2008 Taiwan Trade and Investment Delegation to Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay

July 2008
Congratulation! Repeated Order from Saudi Arabia customer

May 2008

18 March, 2008
Taiwan Packaging Solution Provider launches into Latin America

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Category: Home Offset Converting Equipments Folder Gluer
iPACK International Corp.     

Product Name:
Automatic Folder Gluer


1.Feeder unit

A.combination of stepless speed changer and electromagnetic clutch,which can adjust the speed of feeder belt.

B.unique mechanical design concept, side block and feeder knife are easy to change which is convenient for box size change. C.movable paper holder, convenient for box length adjustment.

2.Pre-folding unit

A.Adopt Two Rails Transferring Belt.

B.First Folding Line With Detached 180o Pre-Folding Device.

C.Third Folding Line With 135o Pre-Folding Device, Easy To install With Stable Quality.

3.Tearing Unit

A.Adopt Two Rails Transferring Belt.

B.The Detached Tearing Unit Can Precisely Tear Off The Required Width And Thickness of The Box.

C.Micro-Adjusting Folding Device Can Precisely Fold The Required Width Of The Box.

D.PE Box Can Be Bound Tightly By Air Heating Device.

4.Air-Heating Unit

A.Single Rail Transferring Belt With Stable Transfer.

B.Detached Left-Suspensory Air-Heating Device.The Blow-Gap Adoptd Micro-Adjusting Which Can Precisely Control

The Dissolve Point.

C.Flat Right-Suspensory Air-Heating Device.

The Flan-Gap Adopted Micro-Adjusting Which Can Precisely Control The Dissolve Piont.

5.Folding unit

A.Adopted two-rails transferring belt

B.Fecond and forth folding lin

*180o foldingdevice, convenient to adjust with stable quality.

*The folding knife with micro-adjusting function the gap between folding knife according to box thickness which

can reduce the friction.

6.Trombone Unit

A.Single Rail Transferring Belt With Stable Transfer.

B.Micro-Adjusting Uper Extended Shaft Easy To Operate And Efficient.

C.Micro-Adjustment For Trombone Boar Hoist.

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Click Here for Detail

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Model JK-850 PCA JK-850 PCB JK-850 KMB
Used Materials PE Cardboard PE Cardboard PE Cardboard
Speed Max.280M/min Max.280M/min Max.280M/min
Required-Power 128KW 155KW 168KW
Net Size 12460mm*1032mm*1700mm 14510mm*1032mm*1700mm 16600mm*1032mm*1700mm
Net Weight 5,700Kg 6,450Kg 6,800Kg

Business Contact Info:
Contact Person: Katrina Chang
Tel: +886-4-24615151
E-mail: katrina@ipack.com.tw

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